Software failures and extended downtime of work devices and systems are not ideal for any business. For this reason, investing in services that keep your equipment in top working condition to boost productivity and efficiency is essential. IT preventative maintenance should be implemented into your business plan to complete time-based or usage-based checkups to ensure your services keep running around the clock. 

Benefits Of Preventative Maintenance

Improves Efficiency 

By participating in an IT preventative maintenance plan, your business can get back up and running quicker than the alternative of reactive maintenance when something goes wrong. Scheduling routine checkups on your firmware, system updates and data storage capacity is essential to ensure any issues are caught early to prevent a total shutdown in the future.

Reduced Risk Of Attacks

A preventative maintenance plan allows you to mitigate business risks by identifying any IT system deficiencies, reducing the risk of zero-day attacks and malware infections. Our expert Deployus team finds proactive resolutions to any IT issues before system interruptions halt your workday productivity. Regular network maintenance will help to reduce ongoing problems and increase your optimal performance over time. 

Asset Lifetime Increased 

Checking up on your essential systems is vital to ensure no damages or shutdowns occur. Utilising IT preventative maintenance reduces the risk of power outages from failed UPS devices or server crashes. Deployus offers regular monitoring of your business licensing, security and compliance of systems to improve system uptime, resulting in increased productivity. 

Reduced Costs 

Catching more minor issues within your software before they become more significant can save you time and money. For example, investing in low-cost, more regular software checkups will help prevent your business from paying for more extensive maintenance when failures or errors occur later.  

Are There Disadvantages To Preventative Maintenance? 

Like everything, there are also a few drawbacks. For example, preventative maintenance can seem more expensive as it requires more frequent payments for checkups. However, the list of benefits shows that waiting for something to go wrong only causes more damage, such as unproductive working conditions and expensive bills to pay. Overall, IT preventative maintenance is a long-term investment necessary to keep your software running successfully and reliably. 

How Can Deployus Help? 

At Deployus, we provide businesses with total system management and comprehensive IT preventative maintenance services to help you monitor software performance and troubleshoot network problems. Through our tailored combination of personal contact, remote management and maintenance services, incidents are quickly averted. Contact our friendly team today to get started, or head to our website to learn more!

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