inhanced I.T.

Managed IT Services and Network Services Brisbane

Deployus is an integrator of highly customised network services and notably professional I.T. solutions.

By creating and delivering networks in both physical and virtual settings, we make sure they are fit for purpose. Then we support them and sustain them with care, commitment and revolutionary service.

We do this by recognising that your business is unique and by listening to you so we properly understand your business needs. So when we advise you, it’s from a fully informed position. Everything we do with our network services is tailored to fit your circumstances and to help you achieve your business goals.

We enhance your productivity, workflow, connectivity and business continuity by integrating innovative network systems into your business processes so well that they are almost invisible. Our approach is structured, but it is also fast, flexible and intuitive. Our passion is for enhancing things from the inside and we will not rest or stop until we achieve a great outcome. We call it inhanced I.T.

Deployus networking solutions and our network services are organised into four distinct value streams in order to better respond to a client’s need with maximum clarity, transparency and efficiency.

They are Networks, Support, Continuity and Cloud.

Deployus manages our network and hardware, and we look to them to provide a solid foundation for us to build and operate our IT from. After installing a new server with Deployus we’ve seen numerous efficiencies with better connectivity, access and information management.
Nigel Hamilton-Smith, General Manager, Solutions In Engineering

Deployus are ready to share our expertise in managed IT services and network services. Let us help you improve your businesses efficiency and productivity.

For ALL SUPPORT REQUESTS please email or call our Service Desk on 1800 DEPLOY

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