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At Deployus, we offer an array of professional I.T. support services that include a 24-hour helpdesk, a maintenance program and monitoring program that works to ensure continual peak network performance.

I.T. Preventative Maintenance

Networks can go offline at the least desirable moment. Our expert team at Deployus specialises in designing and implementing I.T. Network Preventative Maintenance Plans  which will assist in minimising these occurrences. We employ an array of I.T. network preventive maintenance strategies and have proven time and time again that we can help reduce network failures and crashes. Our network maintenance services include troubleshooting network problems, and monitoring network performance. 

Our focus remains purely on ensuring the continued health of your I.T. environment and, through a tailored combination of personal contact, remote management and I.T. preventative maintenance services, incidents are quickly averted in order to maximise productivity.

As more and more businesses remove parallel, paper-based systems and move to online and cloud based data storage, preventative I.T. maintenance plans should be a mandatory business requirement. Implementing an I.T. Preventative Maintenance Program designed by the experts at Deployus will result in minimised downtime and increased I.T. productivity for your business.

Regular network maintenance will help to reduce ongoing issues and increase your network’s optimal performance. Additional benefits of implementing an I.T. preventative network maintenance plan with Deployus include:

  • Improved system uptime, delivering increased productivity

  • Identify business risks due to identified I.T. system deficiencies

  • Proactive resolution of issues before causing system outages

  • Reduced cost to remedy issues that are identified & corrected onsite

  • Reduced Attack Surface and Exposure to Zero-Day Virus and Malware infections

  • Reliable and consistent backups

  • Reduced risk of power outages from failed UPS devices

  • Escalation to our Level 3 Infrastructure & Cloud team if required


If you would like more information on our I.T. preventative maintenance plans and programs, contact our sales team for our fact sheet on 1800 DEPLOY (1800 337 569) today.

We have been using Deployus services since 2011. Our business is now three times the size but Deployus has adjusted their services & approach to ensure that our IT Systems meet the daily challenges of a growing business. They provide a comprehensive support service as we migrate systems to the cloud. We would recommend them to any growing business.

Chris Cooper, Principal Designer

We Understand that Buisness Continuity is Critical in Times of Crisis or Disaster

When things go wrong, we step in, take control, join the dots and make everthing work the way you expect it to

We Understand that Buisness Continuity is Critical in Times of Crisis or Disaster

When thing go wrong, we step in, take control, join the dots and make everything work the way you expect it to

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