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Payment Methods

Deployus accecpts several methods of payment from clients. Our preferred payment method for all invoices is via Electronic Funds Transfer. Our banking details can be found on our invoices or can be supplied upon request.

Payment can also be made by Cheque and delivery should be made to our Post Office Box found on our Contact Page here.

We also accept payment by the major Credit Cards, including Mastercard, Visa and American Express. A Credit Card Surcharge is payable on all Credit Card payments and is required to cover the costs of our Merchant Facility. A Credit Card Payment Form is available upon request.

Prepaid Hours

Support Hours can be purchased in advance at a discount to the hourly rate for all clients electing to use our Fee for Service option.

For clients that sign up to our Service Visits, the discount is applied to the Tier1 rate. For clients that prefer an adhoc engagement, the discount is applied to the Tier 2 rate.

The discount currently offered is 5%. Invoices are raised when the Hours Balance reaches zero. Invoices are payable within 14 days and before any additional services are provided. A very detailed summary of all work completed in the calendar month is generated and sent to our clients, along with an indication of the Opening Hours, Hours Used and Hours Balance at the end of the month.

The minimum number of Prepaid Hours that can be purchases is currently 20hours. We recommend that a calculation be performed of at last one month’s estimated support hours, in order to avoid multiple invoices having to be raised within the same calendar month.

Fee For Service

Engineering services are charged using a tiered structure (Dependent on skill set and role required) in ½ hour increments.

For clients that sign up to our Service Visits, the discount is applied to the Tier1 rate.

Invoices are raised Monthly in Arrears and under 14 day terms.

All Deployus invoices are fully itemised so you know what you are invoiced for including detailed descriptions of works an engineer has performed.

Deployus typically provides an estimate of hours to deliver a discrete project should a complete design/implementation plan be deemed unnecessary for a specific piece of work or on-going work.

Fixed Fee

Our Fixed Fee tiers are based on statistical analysis of our existing client base over our twenty plus years of operation. They also fall into line with industry standards and expectations.

Each tier represents a common grouping of technologies & services that we have observed across all industries. However, we are open to discussion if you would like to see some technologies & services added or removed from your tier.

Any technology or service that is not included in your tier will be charged separately, at the end of the calendar month and at the applicable Fee For Service hourly rate. A full itemised invoice will be provided that will explain in detail the excluded work performed.

We Understand that Buisness Continuity is Critical in Times of Crisis or Disaster

When things go wrong, we step in, take control, join the dots and make everthing work the way you expect it to