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At Deployus, we offer high-quality cyber security services to businesses of all sizes to improve business continuity. Our IT Security Services are tailored to each individual needs. Read on to find out more.

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IT Disaster Recovery As A Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is an IT practice to ensure business continuity. This service involves working with a third-party to create a physical or virtual server for backups of important files and information. The process involves establishing an IT disaster recovery plan, which manages the transferring of files and folders within the offsite data storage system for the purpose of retrieval in the case of disaster.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is an essential process for companies of all sizes. Greater digitalisation of important working files, information, and data has created a greater risk for the loss of information. The stand-out benefits of IT Disaster Recovery Solutions are outlined below:

  • Secure data storage with up-to-date servers and systems
  • Reliable connections constantly monitored by a Managed Service Provider or IT specialist
  • Easier scalability of data storage for rapidly growing companies  
  • Reduced recovery time after a disaster for immediate business continuity

Disaster Recovery Solutions with Deployus

During maintenance cycles of our colocation services, our IT recovery specialists undertake restore testing of sample data and complete server image recovery testing from backups. We also check that virus protection is up to date and functioning, carry out server updates and check server log errors for potential hardware and software issues.


Deployus offers professional IT disaster recovery solutions for companies of all sizes looking to improve their business continuity processes. Our team includes highly-trained IT recovery specialists that prepare businesses for continuity after natural disasters, blackouts, or technological failure. Our services can help you set up an automatic data recovery solution, so in the event of a system failure, you will be protected. 

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