Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

How many times do you purchase I.T. equipment and find out a few months later that it’s not powerful enough to run the new piece of software you now need for your business? Or, because you have employed some more staff, you find that the machine is now too slow and is affecting your staff productivity?

So you are left with three choices. Firstly, do nothing. Not too practical if you are looking to grow.

Secondly, you could buy an additional machine to assist with the load. This not only is an additional up front cost but also increases your costs to maintain and support the added hardware.

Lastly, you can replace your 6 month old machine with a new one. This is by far the best choice but it means swallowing a bitter pill taking a financial hit in the back pocket. Not to mention the fact that you may very well be faced with the same situation again in the near future.

You could consider hosting but then you have IT staff and what do you do with them? Or, you don’t really like the idea of your information being on someone else’s equipment. You want to be responsible for your hardware and operating environment.

That’s where our ‘Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, comes in.

As the name suggests, Infrastructure as a Service refers to utilising our hardware infrastructure for your service and your convenience. Take advantage of our virtual server space, our network connections, our bandwidth and more and only pay a monthly fee for the services you require.

IaaS, as opposed to owning your own cloud infrastructure, allows you to defer system upgrade costs to us. In the meantime, it lowers your hardware and administration costs (because it’s our hardware and it’s up to us to upgrade it). Why pay full price to own a technology that will become obsolete in a few years?

With Deployus and our Infrastructure as a Service, technological upgrades are on us, but if you need more RAM, more disk space or anything else, say the word and we’ve got you covered.

Pay only for the infrastructure you need and get rid of unwanted hardware costs today by calling 1800 DEPLOY (1800 337 569) now.

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