inhanced I.T. Business Continuity Planning*

Business continuity planning is a must and, at Deployus, we offer a comprehensive array of continuity services.

Continuity and its management refers to putting disaster recovery plans into place so, should a serious I.T. incident occur, your team knows exactly what to do to get the system up and running as soon as possible without affecting your business and its operating procedures. We don’t just provide plans for the aftermath of a network failure; we also plan measures to reduce the chance of risk in the first place.

Too often continuity is approached from an I.T. perspective rather than a commercial one. Whilst I.T. specialists provide the solutions to keep an application available to the business during failures or outages, effective business continuity design is about engaging key stakeholders of the company to provide I.T specialists with information regarding uptime and availability requirements from a commercial perspective. This is the Deployus approach to continuity and we work with our clients to enhance their application availability based on the real commercial and operational needs of the business.

Effective business continuity planning is required to ensure systems are returned to being operational as quickly and efficiently as possible during a disaster, and as such, continuity is integrated into every part of a Deployus solution.

Our specialist team has a proven track record of maintaining business continuity during disasters. If you would like more information on our disaster recovery plans, call us on 1800 DEPLOY (1800 337 569) today.

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