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Custom IT Solutions

Increase Efficiency and Productivity with these IT Solutions

Find yourself or your team wasting time on...

We find professionals in your industry face several challenges when it comes to managing their files and systems. Can you relate to these:

We understand your industry implicitly.

Let us help you with IT Solutions that streamline your business, making it more efficient.

CAD and BIM Software

Specialised software like AutoCAD, SketchUp, or Revit for design and modelling.

Collaboration Tools

Project management software, file-sharing platforms, and communication tools to streamline collaboration with clients and team members.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile devices with remote access to project files to enabling work on-site or during client meetings.

Powerful Workstations

High-performance desktop or laptop workstations to run resource-intensive applications smoothly.

Storage Solutions

Reliable storage solutions like NAS or cloud storage for securely storing and accessing large project files.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Regular backups and a comprehensive disaster recovery plans prevent data loss in emergencies.

Large Monitors or Dual Monitor Setup

Large high-resolution monitors or a dual monitor setup to facilitate multitasking and improve productivity.

Rendering Software

Rendering software like
V-Ray or Lumion to create photorealistic visualisations of designs.

Security Measures

Robust cybersecurity measures, including encryption and secure file sharing, protect sensitive project data.

Education and Software Updates

Access to training resources and software updates to stay updated with the latest advancements.

Our Process

Diagram of values to learn about Deployus. Text: Plan, Design, Deploy, Maintain, Inhance

Our Managed IT Process

Our approach to IT support work is to plan, design, deploy, maintain and enhance. The process is structured, fast, flexible and intuitive, based on our passion for performance and outcomes that deliver exactly what is needed for every specific circumstance.

We strive to make the most complex technology solutions simple, practical and workable. By investing heavily in research and development, we ensure our IT services and solutions are tested and proven before they are implemented.

We strive to out-design and out-deliver our peers ahead of time, with quality and value. Most importantly, the client’s experience and satisfaction are the ultimate measures of our performance.

Cayas and Ward
Deployus have been dealing with our IT services end to end for more than 15 years now. From providing solutions that keep our systems secured against evolving cybersecurity threats, proactively maintaining our Server Storage and Cloud infrastructure, maintaining our day to day IT systems and sourcing our hardware equipment. Our regular proactive servicing ensures minimal chance for downtime and the ability to remain productive at the office or from home. I couldn't rate them highly enough.
Jeremy Ward, Direct - Cayas + Ward

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