At Deployus, we offer an array of professional I.T. support services that include a 24-hour helpdesk, a maintenance program and monitoring program that works to ensure continual peak network performance.

Cloud Infrastructure

Smart phones, tablets, PC’s, laptops. Apple, Android, Windows. How on earth is anyone supposed to be able to build and maintain an environment that caters for all those technologies and platforms and still manage to get any work done?

Anyone who has tried to connect Apple devices to a Windows network will know that without a great deal of time and money, it’s not simple.

With our Cloud infrastructure solutions, you can connect almost any device (including your Apple devices) to a network and function like you were sitting at a PC in the office.

Our cloud infrastructure hosting environment allows you to connect from anywhere, at any time through almost any device.

Don’t be constrained anymore by your IT environment. Call us today and ask us how we can improve your connectivity, productivity and your ‘bottom line’ through our Cloud infrastructure services.

We create and deliver networks in both physical and virtual settings. We make sure they are fit for purpose. Then we support them and sustain them with a standard of service, care and commitment that is revolutionary.

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