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At Deployus, we enhance business continuity and network design with Applications as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Cloud Infrastructure. 

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Cloud Infrastructure

Smartphones, tablets, PC’s, laptops. Apple, Android, Windows. Building and maintaining an environment that caters for all those technologies and platforms can be a major challenge. Simply connecting Apple devices to a Windows network can cost significant time and resources.

With our cloud infrastructure solutions, you can connect almost any device (including your Apple devices) to a network and function like you were sitting at a PC in the office. Our cloud networking or hosting environment allows you to connect from anywhere, at any time through almost any device. 

Cloud networking gives users access to networking resources – data, information and hardware devices – through in group of interconnected servers. Network resources are important to work environments where collaboration is essential to success.

With a cloud network, your organisation can share content more quickly, reliably and securely, without the costs and challenges of building and maintaining its own network. This method of information sharing is valuable for a variety of organisations, such as ecommerce business, web content providers and enterprises using public or private cloud services.

A reliable cloud network offers centralised management, control and visibility. For example, you are able to manage devices in different physical locations using the internet. If you are a global business, with cloud architecture in many different locations, a cloud network allows you to deliver content faster and monitor devices and operations in real-time. It also improves security with traffic monitoring and network issues.

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We create and deliver networks in both physical and virtual settings. Once we’ve created a bespoke solution, we support you with next-level customer support, care and commitment.

We Understand that Business Continuity is Critical in Times of Crisis or Disaster

When things go wrong, we step in, find the cause and create a solution that makes everything work the way you expect it to.

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