people working in the construction industry standing in front of a project site

Commercial construction projects typically involve hundreds of individuals working on-site and in external locations. The construction industry has a unique need for technology with a range of tasks requiring automation, including CAD programs, project planning tools, procurement of materials, and project-specific software used amongst employees. According to McKinsey, the construction industry is among the least digitised compared to other areas. However, construction firms have been realising the potential of integrating leading technology into their business processes to stay competitive in the industry and the tangible benefits from digital transformation in this industry.

Utilising a Managed Service Provider (MSP) 

Companies within the construction industry are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like Deployus to enhance their existing systems, carry out digital transformation projects such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Cloud migrations, and introduce innovative practices. Managed IT services connect construction firms with a highly skilled team of IT professionals capable of dealing with a multitude of issues for a fraction of the cost. MSPs will handle troubleshooting, system upgrades and updates, and the implementation of new technology, to give in-house staff more time to focus on other important business tasks. As well as this, an MSP will be there to support you on an ongoing basis and will allow you to continue to refine, innovate, grow and pivot with your digital solution. Companies that outsource these IT services can benefit immensely due to several reasons. 

Benefits of MSPs in The Construction Industry

Lower Operational Costs 

By outsourcing IT needs, construction firms do not need to pay salaries to in-house IT staff or purchase costly equipment and softwares needed to support daily IT operations. With the help of MSPs, your projects will be completed using the latest technology, meaning your firm will spend less time on upgrades and updates, further reducing costs. Firms will then be able to allocate these funds and time to other areas of the company that are in greater need. 

Enhanced Cybersecurity 

According to DataGroup, many construction companies do not have properly configured IT systems, making them very susceptible to cyber attacks. Keeping your data and employees safe with high-quality cybersecurity should be the number one priority, otherwise, you could put your company at risk financially, and legally plus, you could hurt your firm’s reputation. MSPs are experts in the field and have extensive knowledge of the best defences against viruses, malware, and other potential attacks on your business and can ensure any threats are detected and prevented with the deployment of Next Gen Firewalls and XDR or EDR platforms along with the monitoring of these platforms. 

24/7 IT Support 

Hardware and software require ongoing maintenance to keep them at peak performance. MSPs perform frequent updates and preventative maintenance to minimise the risk of any recurring problems. Your company also has access to your service providers around the clock to guarantee assistance whenever you need it. Ensuring you never have difficulties accessing document sharing programs, construction management systems, data collection tools and more. Also ensuring that all these digital systems are secure at all times against cyber threats and attacks.

How Deployus Can Help 

Deployus has a team of highly experienced, certified IT engineers and specialists to support your business needs. We have a range of tools available specifically designed for the construction industry, plus we have the required experience and toolset to help you. Deployus can assist with the delivery and support of software such as Cheops, Bluebeam, AutoCAD MEP, Mudshark, CostX, Primavera, and more. Deployus has also carried out numerous digital transformation projects for construction companies in both the residential and commercial sectors leveraging new and existing Microsoft 365 tenancies.

If your business is looking for a managed service provider to secure your operations, Deployus is here to help. Contact us today or head to our website to learn more about our services.