What Does A Managed Services Provider (MSP) Do?

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What Does A Managed Services Provider (MSP) Do?

With the digital transformation of business, many small business owners often wonder what a managed services provider does and how they can help.

The simplest summary is they help ensure your systems run without errors and ensure maximum up-time, remain secure and up-to-date, and solve any technical issues that come up so that you can focus your efforts and productivity on the core of your business.

The deeper version — MSPs take responsibility for one, or a multitude of your business’s IT services, including email, networking, cloud integration, technical support (help desk), cybersecurity, networking, data storage, backups, disaster recovery, and more. The MSP monitors, updates, and manages the service remotely while providing reports on the quality, performance and availability of the service. MSPs can also set up your business with software and hardware and keep track of the relevant licenses.

Now let’s look at how MSPs benefit small businesses in greater detail:


On-Demand IT Expertise

A Managed Services Provider gives you access to qualified IT staff that would otherwise have to be hired as full-time employees, regardless of the level of IT services you need. Managed Service Providers are experts in multiple technologies, as well as training on new innovations continuously so that they can provide support for a range of information technology issues without additional hires.

MSP’s also have flexible support hours, so you won’t need to staff for shifts around the clock or on-call. As a small business, you can enjoy the benefits of IT expertise on-demand and not have to pay for the overtime and benefits.


Access New Technology Sooner

Although many new technologies can transform the way small businesses operate, the barrier to entry for adoption can often be too high. Common barriers include training for new systems, sunk capital costs for current infrastructure and costly migration projects, and the research effort to decide on your options.

With an MSP, the research is already done for you. They can suggest new providers, hardware and software applications that are cost-effective and bring value that otherwise would have been missed. MSPs can help overcome constraints on access by providing infrastructure management, managing license agreements, assisting migration and training your employees. With the new insights and regular reporting, MSPs can help you make informed choices on which decisions serve your business objectives.


Eliminate Distractions From System Issues

Do you find day-to-day operations plagued by errors and low performance IT systems? MSPs bring efficiency, experience and scale that allows issues to be resolved faster and mitigating them before they happen. Due to helping many businesses in a similar position, they have the buying power to provide better monitoring tools and help desk systems that a small business wouldn’t be able to afford on their own. Acting as an extension of your team, your business can keep running with minimal disruptions to productivity.


Enhanced Security

When it comes to cybersecurity, many small business owners are lagging behind because it’s not considered a priority. However, security threats are an ever-increasing issue, with digital attacks becoming more and more sophisticated. MSPs are able to stay informed and monitor activity to identify potential attacks and strengthen protection with antivirus software and security configurations.

With an MSP on your side, you’re protected from malware, viruses and hackers. This means fewer attacks, less downtime and increased client confidence, as well as less stress for you.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

In order to safeguard your business from a disastrous data-loss event, an MSP can provide a backup and restore service, along with disaster recovery planning. Ideally, the disaster recovery plan will never need to be implemented, but it provides peace of mind knowing it is there, should a situation arise. MSPs provide regular backups and ensure that all of your data is secure no matter what happens. This helps you refocus your attention on customers as soon as possible.


How Does It Work?

Every business has unique requirements for its IT systems. MSPs provide a broad range of services to meet your needs and create a tailored solution that will help your business grow. If you’re a new client, it usually begins with an assessment of the company to understand what you need to run your day-to-day operations, areas for improvement and opportunities to support your business goals.

Services such as maintenance, help desk support, infrastructure, monitoring, security and reporting can be outlined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). The service agreements also define the parameters of what to expect — performance targets, response times, security assurances and more to ensure the budget is used effectively.


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