Deployus find solutions to our IT challenges

The service Deployus provides is seamless. Working with Deployus is like having an extension of our organisation — they’re just a phone call away and we know we can get things resolved very quickly.

Deployus are an integral part of our IT decision making process as they understand our infrastructure better than anyone else.

We have confidence that our data is protected, secure and reliable through the processes and structures Deployus have put in place, ensuring that our data is checked and servers are regularly maintained; giving us the rigour we otherwise wouldn’t have achieved ourselves.

Instead of having to manage and invest in an internal IT team nationally, for the equivalent of one staff member I have access to an entire team of people from Deployus with a broad range of expertise across all aspects of IT.

What we get from Deployus is more than just an IT service. We consult with them on our ongoing needs and rely on them to ensure we are evolving with the changes in technology.

Ross Hawkey, Chief Financial Officer