Technical Support

The Deployus Service Desk is staffed by a team of highly trained Deployus Engineers. Providing technical support is a fundamental part of what we do. Operating as a unified team ensures we are in the perfect position to identify consistent issues that may have a common root cause. This allows us to respond proactively by providing quality technical support and advice, often leading to superior longer term solutions. While our Service Desk is manned during extended business hours Monday to Friday, after hours remote support is always available for emergencies and outages of critical systems.

At Deployus, mature technical support processes are in place including formal escalation arrangements and priority 1 incident reporting, with our Engineers following strict protocols when supporting clients’ networks. This ensures your issue is rectified in the most timely and efficient manner possible, reducing operating costs whilst allowing your team to maintain high levels of productivity.

Our team members pride themselves on their high levels of remote support. If that sounds like something that’s important to you, deploy our technical support team for your business today.

Currently the Deployus Helpdesk is manned from 6am to 7pm Monday – Friday