At Deployus, we offer an array of professional I.T. support services that include a 24-hour helpdesk, a maintenance program and monitoring program that works to ensure continual peak network performance.

Offsite Backup

Improve your company’s continuity strategies with Deployus and our offsite backup programs.

Offsite backup, as the name suggests, is a safeguard measure where we backup your data offsite. This is highly recommended as it is more reliable than onsite backup, especially in the case of an onsite disaster. You can opt for our offsite backup strategies, or even our cloud storage programs, and feel confident with our secure and data protective services. You won’t ever have to start your network from scratch again.

At Deployus we work under a strict change management and roll back policy. Request for Change and Work Orders means that at every stage of the process you have full visibility of the work we are performing, with the opportunity to critique our work before a change is made.

We work with you to ensure that everything you need is in place, properly backed up and with robust security matched to your evolving needs. We network offsite backup solutions that can remove the risks associated with backup storage, rotation and collection.

For our online backup Australia-wide services, give us a call on 1800 DEPLOY (1800 337 569) today.

We create and deliver networks in both physical and virtual settings. We make sure they are fit for purpose. Then we support them and sustain them with a standard of service, care and commitment that is revolutionary.