inhanced I.T. Network Solutions*

Enhance your network’s productivity, efficiency and competency with a Deployus I.T. network solution.

Our Brisbane network solutions are vast and all-inclusive, designed to meet your needs and planned in such a way as to discourage and minimise future downtime.

We believe that the design, implementation and maintenance of any network is crucial to its long term stability and functionality and that is why we offer a multifaceted network service that is well-rounded in its approach.

Network Design

The design of any network is crucial to its stability and functionality. As they say, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and so is your network. Our highly skilled Technical Services Team are conversant in a range of I.T. networking technologies and products and will tailor an industry-standard solution that will enable you to run your business effectively and efficiently.

Network Implementation and Management

It doesn’t matter how good your equipment or even how good your network design is. If it isn’t installed and set up correctly, it will cost your business in both productivity and money. With a Deployus I.T. networking service, our team works to a strict protocol that follows tried, tested and proven steps to ensure an effective and efficient network implementation.


With technology improvements over the last few years in the I.T. networking field, virtualisation software has become an effective way for businesses to make the most of their hardware purchases. Companies can now purchase one physical machine to provide multiple server functions such as SQL, Exchange, etc. where previously they would have needed an individual Server for each function.

Our Technical Services Team has been deploying virtualised environments for a number of years now and are extremely proficient. We are saving you money not only on your capital outlay but reducing your running costs such as power, air conditioning, space, etc.

These services are offered as one-off independent jobs but, we believe that our greatest strength lies in providing an extensive and thorough network service that encompasses all these solutions. However, we are of course happy to work with you and tailor a plan to your specific needs.

Deployus find solutions to our IT challenges. Deployus are an integral part of our IT decision making process as they understand our infrastructure better than anyone else.
Ross Hawkey, Chief Financial Officer, Pacific Environment Ltd

If you are looking to enhance your network’s productivity with a comprehensive service, or would like more information on our Brisbane network solutions, call us on 1800 DEPLOY (1800 337 569) today.

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