Network Design

Network designing, building and integrating associated infrastructure sits at the very heart of our business. Our Solutions Architects are tuned into your business and make it their priority to not only understand the challenges you face, but also find solutions to meet them.

Our network engineering experience tells us that the best solutions are rarely off the shelf or out of the box. Rather, they are a highly integrated set of components and technologies meticulously matched to your business and can consist of virtualisation techniques, storage ideas, cloud applications, unified communication mediums, systematic upgrades, mobility increases, disaster recovery models and more.

“Our goal is always to provide a network design solution that matches your current needs and that takes into account what’s around the corner.”

We also excel at providing valuable guidance when it comes to the standardisation of I.T. infrastructure and Deployus can assist with the procurement of:
• Servers
• Storage
• Desktops, Notebooks or Thin clients
• Unified communications
• Licensing
• Networking equipment
• Printers and consumables

To deploy our network engineers and their network design services for your company, contact us on 1800 DEPLOY (1800 337 569) and increase your team’s productivity today.

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