IT Disaster Recovery Plan

“We understand that business continuity is critical in times of crisis or disaster. We are not just experienced at planning for crisis scenarios. When things go wrong, we step in, take control, join the dots and make everything work the way you expect it to.”

This is the fundamental message of our colocation services and disaster recovery plans.

During maintenance cycles of our colocation services, our team undertake restore testing of sample data and complete server image recovery testing from backups. We ensure that virus protection is up to date and functioning, carry out server updates and check server log errors for potential hardware and software issues.

Colocation is a great business continuity strategy and should be considered an imperative step in your I.T. Disaster Recovery Plan. If you currently do not have a plan that will automatically recover your data in the case of a system failure, we can set you up with a tailor-made and fully comprehensive plan.

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