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Cloud computing is increasing in popularity as more businesses are discovering its potential. Streamlining business processes, enhancing security protocols, and boosting productivity are just some of the benefits of switching to cloud computing. Here are our top predictions for cloud computing trends in 2022 that your business should be aware of. 

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the use of off-site storage systems and processing power to help businesses store, manage, process, and communicate information. These systems are hosted on the cloud (the internet) instead of storing information on employees’ personal computers or local storage systems. Then, employees can access and manage any information stored on the cloud for their day-to-day work tasks. 

Types Of Cloud Computing

There are a few key types of cloud computing services businesses can implement including the following: 

  • SaaS (software as a service): Enables employees to access a platform online to retrieve information from a particular server, for example, Google Drive or Slack. 
  • IaaS (infrastructure as a service): Provides components such as servers, storage, networking, and security, for example, Dropbox or Microsoft Azure. 
  • PaaS (platform as a service): Provides computing platforms like operating systems, programming language execution tools, databases, and web servers to businesses, such as Google App Engine or Heroku. 
  • Serverless Computing: Uses a server on the cloud which offers easier maintenance and reduced costs. 

Top Cloud Computing Trends For 2022

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud 

Traditionally, businesses could pick between private or public servers. Public cloud offered accessible, pay-as-you-go services, and private cloud provided more security for data storage. However, hybrid cloud services now supply companies with the benefits of both. 

Services including Microsoft Azure enable users to keep some data on public servers while also giving you the option to store more sensitive data on more secure, private servers. With hybrid and multi-cloud services, businesses can tailor their technological environment to align with long-term goals and suit their specific needs. 

Artificial Intelligence

Businesses can immensely benefit from using the power of AI-driven cloud computing to make their processes more efficient, strategic, and insight-driven. AI can automate difficult or repetitive tasks without the need for human intervention. This boosts productivity and helps teams manage and monitor workflows more efficiently. The demand for AI in cloud technologies is increasing and will continue to grow to meet the demand. This means that 2022 will likely see a large increase in AI technology within the workplace. 

Serverless Cloud 

Using a serverless cloud helps streamline workload for IT managers as it automates tedious tasks and helps maintain your server’s infrastructure for you. Businesses are implementing these services rapidly, and this increase will likely continue throughout 2022. Serverless cloud computing allows developers to build and run services while a cloud provider runs their applications, databases, and storage systems for them. This type of cloud computing helps cut costs and enables companies to scale ridiculously fast. 

Cloud Computing Security 

While cloud computing is an excellent addition to any business, you must also implement data security to prevent breaches or attacks on your databases. IT managers should look into potential weaknesses in your systems, develop monitoring procedures, and act on insights efficiently. 

Sustainability Initiatives

Movements towards more sustainable practices in all aspects of life are becoming increasingly more common, including in the workplace and technology. In 2022, it is likely that more businesses, including cloud companies, will commit to using renewable energy in their operations. Cloud computing can be more sustainable than local computing as it can reduce energy consumption and waste. 

Enhance Your Cloud Servers With Deployus

Cloud computing is in for an exciting year with many companies making the switch. IT professionals will have boundless opportunities to enhance and streamline their processes, ensuring the best results. Deployus is here to help inform you of the latest trends and industry updates. If you want to know more about cloud IT services and how you can get started, contact our expert team today

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