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Technology has advanced quicker than most people could have imagined. Whether you work in the IT industry or heavily rely on technology within your company, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest technologies. The next best thing is to be one step ahead of the advancements – that’s why we have identified current trends to help predict the future of IT security and cyber security.

Artificial Intelligence

The rise in Artificial Intelligence and the increasing accessibility of it all makes us feel as though we really are living in the future. As with every other form of technology, AI has also been exponentially advancing. With AI being used to create automated processes, data collection and analysis, and decision-making, there could be an increase in cyber security risks. Hackers can target AI systems as they attempt to mine large amounts of important data.

Though this could be a rising threat, there’s also the flipside: AI can help with cyber security services. Cybersecurity developers can create and implement AI in a way that helps identify and resolve any vulnerabilities. With this, it’s predicted that there will be a surge in cybersecurity companies utilising AI to repel any threats and attacks.


With all that being said for the rise in AI, there too has been an increase in hackers and cyber attacks. Techjury reported that in 2022, globally, over 30,000 websites are hacked each day and it’s estimated that every 39 seconds a cyber attack occurs. This is because accessibility to and knowledge of technology has improved over the years globally.

Following the trend of increased hacks, we can forecast that there will be an increased demand for cyber security services. Consumers and organisations seeking support and protection against hacks could expect to see an increase in offerings or even pricing.

Reduced Talent Pools

Despite the increase in demand for cyber security professionals, there’s been an observed reduction in qualified individuals. The Global Information Security Workforce projected that by 2022, the gap between qualified people and available job positions will be 1.8 million jobs. 

This means that organisations will likely struggle to hire in-house IT and cyber security experts, leaving them vulnerable to external and internal threats. In order to overcome this obstacle, organisations will have to consider working with external Managed Service Providers such as Deployus to secure their important information. Further, these providers will be working to train up workers in the field and campaigning against the misrepresentation of women in the field to help reduce the worker gap.

Social Engineering Threats

The safety of online communication is on the rise. Large communication platform companies are addressing the social demand for more secure messaging systems. This will have a direct impact on how securely employees will be able to share information on company networks. However, there is always the risk of human-error. 

Scam and hack threats present themselves in many different formats. Lately, there has been an influx in email and text message phishing techniques. Employees are vulnerable to clicking infected links in emails and messages unintentionally. It’s important to train up your team to avoid any potential threats and set up effective security measures to prevent infected messages.

Cloud Computing

An ongoing and unfading trend within cyber security is that of the cloud. This service has made it easier and quicker than ever for individuals and companies to quickly store large amounts of data off-site. However, there is a growing concern with the overall safety of this process. 

Inattentive management of cloud storage or poor authentication can create vulnerable spots in cloud storage. With this, there’s a greater demand for professional monitoring of off-site data storage. For more information about this service and how a Managed Service Provider maintains the security, visit our blog about Disaster Recovery As A Service.

Future-Proof Your Systems

With these identified trends in cyber security, your company is better able to learn about and begin implementing better security measures. Remaining aware of upcoming technologies is an important, yet time-consuming and mind-boggling task. Engaging in work with a Managed Service Provider saves you time, money, and resources when setting up and monitoring cyber security technologies. Contact Deployus today to future-proof and safeguard your company’s information and data.

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