5 Best Reasons To Use An IT Support Consultant

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5 Best Reasons To Use An IT Support Consultant

With the rise of digital transformation, organisations are becoming increasingly reliant on information technology. Companies are realising that to help manage the transition process, they can turn to an IT support consultant with managed services.

Providing expert knowledge, training and a friendly approach is the foundation of a great IT support consultant. They can improve efficiency dramatically and enable you to focus on more important aspects of your business, with your IT systems ticking away soundly in the background.

Traditional methods of handling data and processes are being overhauled. On-site hardware and infrastructure are being replaced with external data centres. Software as a service is dominating thanks to its flexibility. Enabling it all is powerful cloud computing services from major providers around the globe.

Despite the obvious advantages, keeping up to date with the latest changes can be a time-consuming task and it requires a great deal of maintenance to keep processes running smoothly after making the switch.

This is why IT outsourcing has grown exponentially in popularity — two in three businesses are partnered with at least one IT support consultant. Still wondering what all the fuss is about? Here are the five best reasons to use an IT support consultant.


Maximise Uptime

There’s nothing worse than a website crash or system failure that stops you from delivering your services to customers. Protect your reputation with a reliable network that ensures you’re always up and running. An IT support consultant can design and implement maintenance plans which help minimise error occurrences.

Access To Latest Trends

Having your finger on the pulse of digital technology will give you an edge over competitors. Whether you’re an SME or a corporate organisation, keeping up to date with the latest tech trends is invaluable knowledge. An IT support consultant is constantly immersed in the industry and can provide advice on any new technology solutions that could help your business.


A business IT support consultant can help you get the most out of your technology services without needing to hire permanent staff. Outsourcing the onboarding and maintenance of new systems to an IT consultancy will help staff concentrate on other more important aspects of the business. Budgeting and cash flow are also simplified because you can contract a monthly retainer.

24/7 Customer Service Help

In the event of system failure, you can rest at ease knowing that your IT support consultant will be working to get you back online as soon as possible. They can bring the necessary skills to identify what’s causing the issue and implement a viable solution.

Security And Data Protection

Data is crucial to businesses — and protecting it has never been more difficult. Ransomware and hacking attacks can have a detrimental effect on reputation as well as impacting operations through intellectual property theft and data loss. An IT support consultant can set up a range of network cybersecurity measures that are highly customisable towards your business and its goals.

Finding The Right IT Support Consultant

The most difficult decision for managers considering an IT support consultant is to find the right one for their business. Deployus is a managed service IT support consultant based at Bowen Hills in Brisbane that has a passion for helping clients, a drive for excellence and an eye for detail. With over 250+ years of combined experience working with 300 companies, we understand the challenges many businesses face and how to solve them efficiently.

Contact Us today to discover what we can do for you. We promise you’ll be wondering how you ever got by before!

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